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The professionalism of a close-knit team and a careful selection of services are the essential elements that make the events we create unique.

Careful analysis, weighted design, precious realization, innovative contents, these are the key words that distinguish our services.


There are only a few days left before your business event and you feel the need to delegate the coordination
of suppliers to someone and the direction of such an important moment for your company? Our Coordination
service is the answer to your needs. There are many things to supervise and we have the resources and the
professionalism to verify that everything is ready for the big event.

We intervene up to three months before the date of the event, collect your briefing and the list of suppliers that you
have involved. After an inspection of the location where the event will be held, we will draw together the Time Table of
the day, ensuring that nothing has escaped.

The day of the event, in a discreet and silent way, we will coordinate all the suppliers and we
will follow the direction, intervening in a prompt and timely manner in case of any unexpected events
that may occur at any time of the day.

You will not notice our presence and at the end of the event it will be a pleasure to support you in all
the closing procedures.

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